People Unlimited

People Unlimited empowers organizations, leaders, (senior) managers, entrepreneurs, professors, specialists, individuals and teams of professionals in their quest for optimum power and excellence.

People Unlimited empowers your ability to create and maintain a high degree of personal well-being and effective action. You will encounter the specific mechanisms that allow you to take control of every aspect of your life: as a result personal growth and sustained professional success follow naturally.

People are the ultimate source of all results!
More than 70% of the opinion that clients form about your Brand Identity*, is based on their experiences with you and your People.

Programs for Success

People Unlimited delivers excellent programs to turn human potential into value for the benefit of our clients: capitalizing people’s hidden potential into effective action, passion and personal joy.

We empowers leaders and team members to achieve their (commercial) objectives in an increasingly challenging environment. We support you in building a collaborative and high performance culture. We focus on the basics and critical impact of human communication and effective relationships in order to achieve, or even surpass the intended team results.

Our human-centred approach and practical ‘no-nonsense’ working method enables participants to establish a broad foundation for productive, long-lasting and effective performance.

Results for individuals and (management)teams

Participants will get clear insight in their functioning and that of others in their personal and professional life. They will improve their ways of relating to themselves and to others, and to all circumstances of life (past – present – future) that determine their quality of life and daily results.

Previously gained theoretical knowledge and (work-)experience will be used more productively, which results into value for the benefit of our clients.

More specific results

  • Stronger relationships
  • More effective cooperation
  • Better quality of life, both private & professional
  • More daring action, fun and spontaneity
  • Increased employee commitment and goal-realization
  • Deepened loyalty to the organization
  • Heightened sense of purpose
  • Intensified passion and team spirit
  • Higher productivity in less time: efficiency
  • Enhanced communication and involvement
  • Better company knowledge-management
  • Dealing with emotions and confrontations
  • Increased self-confidence, initiative and energy
  • Fewer illness related absences
  • Clarity about work, motivation and ambition
  • Sales targets attained while building solid client relations.

People who have participated in our programs experience an exponential increase in their capacity to generate new results and objectives in life, not only for themselves, but also together with those they deal with daily.

Information about Programs for Success

Please contact us to receive the information you require.

Bas Alblas, Technical Director Europe at Hudson

I encourage everyone who knows life has more to offer, to do this training!

Arjan de Draaijer, Associate Director, KPMG Sustainability

Mastering your Excellence is a great opportunity for those who want to improve the quality of their personal and professional performance.

Client relations & information

We value personal client relations. If you want to get acquainted, we invite you to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions, personal or organizational, and to provide you with the (written) information you need.

*Brand Identity: How the brand owner wants people to perceive the brand – the branded company, organization, him/herself, employees, product or service. The brand owner will seek to bridge the gap between the brand image and the brand identity.

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Wij helpen professionals bij de behoefte aan optimale kracht en excellence, bij het verwezenlijken en overtreffen van persoonlijke en professionele doelen.

Nico Koomans

Nico Koomans, Trainer People Unlimited

Nico Koomans is senior trainer, oprichter en eigenaar van trainingsbureau PEOPLE Unlimited.

Nico heeft ruim 27 jaar ervaring met Leiderschap en Persoonlijke Ontwikkeling.

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Shirin Lalezari, Cardio-thoracaal chirurg, unitvoorzitter, bij Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG)

De training heeft ervoor gezorgd dat ik nóg meer vanuit mijn hart ben gaan leven.
Waag je sprong!

Je wordt rijkelijk beloond!

Durf je te gaan voor jouw succes?

Doe de intensieve persoonlijke training ‘Mastering your Excellence’ en ga zelf ervaren wat de resultaten zijn!

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It’s all about attitude

phelps2Edmund Phelps (1933),
Nobel Prize Winner:
"What exactly drives organizations and economies?"

"It’s awfully odd that we haven’t spent any time on attitudes"