Ronald Holm

Yanmar is one of the world largest diesel manufacturers producing everything from fuel injection equipment to marine gear for most diesel-driven machinery on land and sea.

An extremely well planned and executed training titled “Mastering your Excellence” is really praiseworthy. The program learned skills through real individual life situations and has been an exciting and a unique experience.

This training provided me with the tools required to conduct myself graciously in both social and business situations. I started to realize how my lifestyle and private life depends on effective communication while professional success never endorsed me to accept this.

I appreciate the thoughtfulness behind “Master your Excellence”. This training offers a clear understanding for complicated and personal pitfalls. It navigates an individual through a path, that begins with knowing oneself, observing the environment and gaining a deep understanding of effectiveness in communication and intelligent etiquette in order to experience success!

The trainer learned to attract new opportunities and new vistas, enhances personal potential and paves the way for success.

I developed a higher degree of awareness and understanding of social processes that account for my social development. I developed an increased ability to create energy, happiness, togetherness and solutions within ‘known circumstances’. I undertake private life events that seemed impossible and enjoy them.
I am aware of possibilities to maximize favourable social interactions, relationships and psycho-social development in a diverse and complex social and professional life.


Ronald Holm, COO Sales & Marketing, Operations at Yanmar Marine International

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Jan Marsman, Solution Architect, Verizon

Dankzij de training ben ik in een succesvol avontuur vol met leerervaringen beland, namelijk mijn leven.

Mariska Pronk, Senior HR Adviseur, Kennemer Duincampings

Wij realiseren nu een gezondheidscijfer van 98,2%, wij denken al lang niet meer in ziekteverzuim. Gedurende de afgelopen 4 jaar is de omzet verdubbeld naar bijna 12 miljoen euro!

Eva Slack, Vice President Sales, UPC NL

By the end of the year, the team turned around and delivered outstanding results by supporting each other to succeed not only in their own goals, but also contributed to surpassing the overall company targets.

Jeroen Bouma, Europese Centrale Bank (ECB)

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    Wij helpen professionals bij de behoefte aan optimale kracht en excellence, bij het verwezenlijken en overtreffen van persoonlijke en professionele doelen.

    Nico Koomans

    Nico Koomans, Trainer People Unlimited

    Nico Koomans is senior trainer, oprichter en eigenaar van trainingsbureau PEOPLE Unlimited.

    Nico heeft ruim 27 jaar ervaring met Leiderschap en Persoonlijke Ontwikkeling.

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    Peter Hoekstra (40), Senior toezichthouder, Toezichthouder Bankensector

    Mastering your Excellence heeft mij wezenlijk nieuwe inzichten en perspectieven gegeven.
    Waag je sprong!

    Je wordt rijkelijk beloond!

    Durf je te gaan voor jouw succes?

    Doe de intensieve persoonlijke training ‘Mastering your Excellence’ en ga zelf ervaren wat de resultaten zijn!

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    It’s all about attitude

    phelps2Edmund Phelps (1933),
    Nobel Prize Winner:
    "What exactly drives organizations and economies?"

    "It’s awfully odd that we haven’t spent any time on attitudes"